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Dream Team Royale was updated again! With this version comes a better and more efficient user interface. There are also now more characters available from the in-app store. In addition, there were some background changes to the game that have set it up for something exciting. Keep reading to find out what! What's New This update brings in new, easier to use navigation. The "how to play" information has been condensed onto one page that you can scroll through. The characters and store pages are also now scrollable lists. After the last update, which enabled you to change your profile name, we got some complaints that Xbox users were unable to navigate to the name-changing feature. We have now fixed that, so it will work for everyone. Also, there are now four new characters in the store. They are the Masked Red, Masked Blue, Masked Striped Yellow, and Masked Transparent Fish Blimps. 

They can all be purchased for $0.99 individually, or, for a limited time, you can get Maske…


So far, three types of characters are out in Dream Team Royale and one more has been revealed for future inclusion. (Don't worry, plenty more are on the way.)

Currently Available For Play

Fish Blimps

Fish Blimps are the default character type in Dream Team Royale. Twenty of them are immediately unlocked when you create a profile. An example of one is shown below.
These are the rest of the free Fish Blimps with their names.
All Dream Team Royale Fish Blimps with names
Five other Fish Blimps available for purchase for $0.99 USD.


Masked Red

Masked Blue

Masked Striped Yellow

Masked Transparent
For a limited time you can also buy Masked Blue, Masked Striped Yellow, and Masked Transparent together for $1.99. This is a special deal, so take advantage of it while you can!

Cat in the Boxes

20 Cat in the Boxes are unlocked for play after 10 wins. This one is named Axel:

Axel the Cat in the Box from Dream Team Royale

These are the rest of the ones unlocked after 10 wins:

Dream Team Royale Cat in the Boxes with names
The Spring 2020 Cat in the Box is an exclusive character that is no longer available for purchase.

Dream Sun

There are three Dream Suns. Once they come out they will be usable after fifty wins.

Dream Team Royale Dream Suns

Their names, from left to right, are Dream Sun, Orange Dream Sun, and Red Dream Sun (how creative, right?).

Future Characters


Like most other characters, the Fires will be unlocked upon the completion of an objective, but for now that objective is a secret. Here are the seven Fires:

Dream Team Royale Fires

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