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Check out what's new + an exciting announcement

Dream Team Royale was updated again! With this version comes a better and more efficient user interface. There are also now more characters available from the in-app store. In addition, there were some background changes to the game that have set it up for something exciting. Keep reading to find out what! What's New This update brings in new, easier to use navigation. The "how to play" information has been condensed onto one page that you can scroll through. The characters and store pages are also now scrollable lists. After the last update, which enabled you to change your profile name, we got some complaints that Xbox users were unable to navigate to the name-changing feature. We have now fixed that, so it will work for everyone. Also, there are now four new characters in the store. They are the Masked Red, Masked Blue, Masked Striped Yellow, and Masked Transparent Fish Blimps. 

They can all be purchased for $0.99 individually, or, for a limited time, you can get Maske…

A new version of Dream Team Royale is out!

Dream Team Royale has been updated! This update includes the game becoming available on Xbox and completely redone graphic rendering, leading to a much less laggy game experience. The method for using power ups has also been improved. Instead of the current method of pressing keys corresponding to specific power ups, now players will always have one power up selected and can then activate that power up. However, the update does mean that the ability to change characters will not be included in the game for now. Don't worry, we are already most of the way to redesigning that feature to work with the new version. Here are some screenshots of what the new update looks like.

This update brings the current version of the game to