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Another update to Dream Team Royale

Another version of Dream Team Royale is out!
What's New The latest update is full of new features! The most important one is the addition of a new power up called the Team Reset. After noticing that players tended to quit the game because they died before they killed anyone and therefore couldn't win we decided there needed to be a way to rejoin your original team. The Team Reset is the solution to this problem. When you run into one you immediately are put back on your first team. From there you have ten seconds to kill an opponent to remain on your team. If you do not kill an opponent you will go back to the team you started on. This is a Team Reset.

At most eight Team Resets will appear ever game. Another noteworthy addition in this update is the improvement of enemies. They now follow a much more sophisticated algorithm and will make the game even harder to win. This update also includes an exclusive new character in the Store section of the game. In honor of it being spri…

Breaking the Silence

Hey Dream Team Royale fans! We know it has been a while since we posted anything here, so we figured it is time to give you an update about what is going on with the game. As you can read in this post, we had plans for what updates would come next. However, due to feedback we received, we changed our plans and are now just making the game run more smoothly.

This does mean that all of the planned additional functionality, including Story Mode, will not be released as quickly as hoped. In fact, a few of the features currently in the game will not even be available when the next update comes out. But the graphics and user interface will be more modern looking and will function better.

Thanks for checking the site despite no new updates for months!