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Dream Team Royale was updated again! With this version comes a better and more efficient user interface. There are also now more characters available from the in-app store. In addition, there were some background changes to the game that have set it up for something exciting. Keep reading to find out what! What's New This update brings in new, easier to use navigation. The "how to play" information has been condensed onto one page that you can scroll through. The characters and store pages are also now scrollable lists. After the last update, which enabled you to change your profile name, we got some complaints that Xbox users were unable to navigate to the name-changing feature. We have now fixed that, so it will work for everyone. Also, there are now four new characters in the store. They are the Masked Red, Masked Blue, Masked Striped Yellow, and Masked Transparent Fish Blimps. 

They can all be purchased for $0.99 individually, or, for a limited time, you can get Maske…

Learn about two more characters: the Dream Sun and the Fire

Dream Team Royale Dream Sun

Update #9

Have you ever looked at the sun before? As you know, it is not a good idea, so don't try it. However, you may not know that it is perfectly safe to do so in a dream. It is literally impossible for your real eyes to go blind by looking at the sun in a dream, so we recommend satisfying your curiosity about what the sun really looks like in a dream. In fact, when we wondered what it looks like, we did just that. But the strange thing about the sun in your dreams is that it is rarely the same in different dreams. After looking around in many, some were frightening, some saddening, and others just strange.  But, in all of our exploring, we found one that was cheerful and fun and decided that it would be perfect for the game. That sun is known as the Dream Sun, and it is pictured to the right. One cool thing about the Dream Sun is that it comes in three different colors: yellow, orange, and red. And their names are simply Dream Sun, Orange Dream Sun, and Red Dream Sun.

Like every other character, the Dream Sun has unlimited ammo and 100 health. To unlock all three Dream Suns, you need to reach fifty wins, then you will have access to them.

The second character which has been revealed today is known simply as Fire. This what Fire looks like:

Dream Team Royale Fire

There are seven colors of Fire. The name and image have a very logical fit into the game, but for a reason that cannot yet be shared. And to unlock the Fire, a certain objective must be met, but that is also a secret for now.

Thanks for checking out our site! If you would like more information on the game, simply look around and you will find plenty of it. You should also follow us on Twitter and subscribe on YouTube so you can keep learning about the game as more announcements are made.

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