Another update to Dream Team Royale

Another version of Dream Team Royale is out!
What's New The latest update is full of new features! The most important one is the addition of a new power up called the Team Reset. After noticing that players tended to quit the game because they died before they killed anyone and therefore couldn't win we decided there needed to be a way to rejoin your original team. The Team Reset is the solution to this problem. When you run into one you immediately are put back on your first team. From there you have ten seconds to kill an opponent to remain on your team. If you do not kill an opponent you will go back to the team you started on. This is a Team Reset.

At most eight Team Resets will appear ever game. Another noteworthy addition in this update is the improvement of enemies. They now follow a much more sophisticated algorithm and will make the game even harder to win. This update also includes an exclusive new character in the Store section of the game. In honor of it being spri…

Watch out for Nightmares in Dream Team Royale!

Dream Team Royale Update #3


Nightmares are a dangerous part of Dream Team Royale. The first Nightmare ever spotted was caused by the fear of one of the original Fish Blimps, named Water. Water was a very talented Fish Blimp. She were constantly winning and setting more and more records, and was leading all of the other Fish Blimps through tests. One day, Water was about to go into the most strenuous test ever attempted and was beginning to grow anxious. Her anxiety and fear made the Nightmare pop up, and, out of curiosity, Water went right in. She have never been heard from again.

After this happened, the remaining 20 Fish Blimps were terrified. They refused to try any new tests for weeks after the disaster. All of the fear they built up made an innumerable amount of Nightmares come into existence. But the developers soon solved the problem. They could not completely remove them, but they did figure out how to limit the Nightmare's impact in a few ways:
  • Instead of popping up randomly, they are all contained for as long as they can be, which is about two minutes. At the end of the two minutes, all of the built up Nightmares are quickly released at the same spot, thus basically reducing the number that appears. There is also now a countdown timer in the game at the top right corner of the window.
  • While the original Nightmares seemed to take all of a character's health, the new reduced ones can only take half of their health.
  • The first Nightmares trapped their victims permanently, but now any affected player is released after 10 seconds elapse.
Here is what a Nightmare looks like:


And here is what you see when you run into one:

Nightmare collision message

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